Thanksgiving Salad Activity – Free Song Download!

This post is from Maryann Harman of Music with Mar.

SaladThis is what I think is a wonderful idea.  This activity teach children  what Thanksgiving means by sharing a meal – like in the book “Stone Soup” – only using a salad instead.

Ask each child to bring a baggie with something you would put in a salad. The teacher provides a bowl, dressing, plates, napkins, or can ask a parent to volunteer for that. When it comes time to share the salad in class, the teacher asks each child to put what they brought in the bowl, telling them “Look. Even though you only brought a bag of carrots or olives, when we put what was in everyone’s bags together, we get enough to make a salad to feed the whole class!”

We do this every year in #musicwithmar classes and the families really enjoy it.

My gift on Thanksgiving to all people who work with children is a free download of my song Say, ‘Thank You.” (Right Click or Cntl Click the blue circle and select SAVE LINK AS to download your free song).

Free download

Happy Thanksgiving, Maryann Harman

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Book Suggestions for this activity: