Song for Teaching Children About Getting Dressed


 My Clothes and My Shoes

Rachel Rambach

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There are a few things that I need to know
Before I get dressed today.
What’s the weather like?
Am I going to school,
Or just outside to play?
Because the people I see and the places I go,
And whether there is sun or rain or snow
All matter when I choose
My clothes and my shoes.

Girls can wear a dress or skirt,
However, boys cannot.
We can all wear pants and even shorts,
Depending if it’s cold or it’s hot.


Next I’ll choose a shirt to wear,
Short-sleeved or long.
Or maybe a sweater if it’s winter time,
‘Cause in the summer, that would be wrong.


Last, not least, comes shoes and socks
Or sandals if it’s warm.
Sneakers if I’m going outside,
Or boots if there is a storm.




© Rachel Rambach. All rights reserved.