December: Introducing the Month Through Song

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If you’ve read my previous entries, then you already know that my favorite way to begin a new month is with a song dedicated to it.  December is no exception, especially since it’s a month chock-full of special days and reasons to celebrate. 

Like all of the songs in my Listen & Learn: Months series, the December Song emphasizes the number of days in the month, where it fits numerically (number 12, of course!) and the important events that occur during December. 

Most children associate the month of December with Christmas, but as you and I know, not all of our students come from similar cultures, religions and backgrounds.  That is why I’m always sure to include other traditions, such as Hannukah and Kwanzaa, when I talk about the holidays.  Both of these celebrations are included in the December Song, and it would be simple to substitute any other holidays that your students may celebrate, as well.  This is a wonderful learning and sharing opportunity for the classroom, as many children love to talk about their families’ holiday traditions.  

And then, of course, there is New Year’s Eve.  There are so many interactive discussions to be had concerning this special day, from new year’s resolutions to the different ways everyone rings in the new year. 

December is, without a doubt, a fun month for planning lessons and activities.  While my own lessons span a wide array of topics, it’s nice to have a comprehensive song to tie them all together.  From the first of the month to the last day of 2009, here’s wishing you a wonderful December!
Written by Rachel Rambach

Listen to "December" in the audio player below, from Listen & Learn: Months